Diets Don’t Work Weightwithin December 20, 2021
Diets Don’t Work

Are you ready to find peace?  Have you fought this battle with food and dieting long enough?  Years of yo-yo dieting take their toll.  When I got on the path to healing my emotional eating cycle, I was certain that finding the right diet was my answer.  The truth is I am really great at dieting until life gets in the way.  I had to come to terms with the fact that diets are not solutions.  I like to call diets a band-aid for an axe wound.  It’s not pretty, but you get my point, right?

If not dieting scares you, I get it.  What if I told you that you could find a level of peace far beyond just following the rules of your next diet plan?  To find true peace, you need to heal what is happening from the inside out.  My programs will help you heal the deep-rooted pain that caused this frustrating cycle and finally help you get the peace you’ve been searching for.

My clients are able to get off the hamster wheel of weight gain and weight loss for good by working from within.  Together, we work step-by-step to:

Heal the wounds that caused your emotional eating cycle in the first place

Eliminate triggers that cause the cycle to reoccur

Develop clear boundaries with people and food

Learn to love and nurture yourself

Set goals for a life free from emotional eating

If you are ready for lasting change, let’s get started!


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