The Weight Within Program

Stop yo-yo dieting...for good.

It's time to get the support and direction you need to make a permanent, lifelong change.

Margie Odom, M.Ed., LMFT

It’s time for you to take your life back and stop feeling hopeless.

You’ve been able to overcome so much, but weight loss seems elusive. You might be able to successfully lose the weight and even keep it off for a period of time, all the while, swearing to yourself you would never gain it back.  

Our programs have helped hundreds of people regain control and change their lives.

I hope you'll join us and finally start living your authentic life.

Our coaching programs utilize proven techniques that work

Program Outcomes

Understand what emotional eating is and how to stop the cycle.

Trust yourself to eat foods that will fuel you physically and emotionally

Undertake steps and interventions to stop negative eating episodes

Employ tools and techniques to free yourself from the bonds of the emotional eating cycle.

About your Coach

Margie Odom, M.Ed., LMFT

Margie has been there. She has lived it. She understands.

As a therapist, coach, author and speaker, Margie is passionate about helping you stop your emotional eating cycle by using her proven strategies that helped her find a solution to end her cycle of yo-yo dieting for good. After years of struggle and personal strife, her breakthrough came when she realized that healing had nothing to do with finding the right diet and, instead, had everything to do with a journey of self-understanding and self-love … a journey that she cannot wait to share with you!

Transform Your Frustrations

Understand yourself and your emotional eating cycle
Gain insight into how your history is impacting you today
Eliminate your false identity and reveal your authentic self
Set and maintain healthy boundaries
Prepare your mindset for a new relationship with food

The Weight Within Programs

Weight Within



  • The Weight Within 12 Video Course
  • Step-by-step instructions for replacing your emotional eating behaviors.
  • Proactive and reactive self care tools for binge prevention.


I know this is not a diet, but will I lose weight?

As you work through the steps of the Weight Within Program, you will begin to learn how to recognize what foods you want to put in your body and what foods to limit. You will gain a trust in yourself to make the right choices and to be more present with food while you are eating. Some clients do lose weight, but we discourage dieting during the program because it can negatively impact your progress.

How do I get the most out of the program?

  • As you go through the sessions, you can get the best results by practicing the tools, staying connected via the private Facebook group and doing your homework consistently. All parts of the program are necessary and helpful on your path to success. If you are doing these things and you do not feel like youre getting what you need, please reach out to Margie directly
  • I’ve had / am planning to have bariatric surgery. Is this program right for me?

  • Absolutely! Weight Within is an excellent program to assist you in your journey with weight loss surgery. You are far more likely to maintain your weight loss and learn to embrace your new body by using the tools and exercises given throughout the program.
  • What happens after the program? How will I continue to be successful?

  • One of the best features of the Weight Within program is access to our Community Group. Once you have worked through most of the program, you will be invited to our community group. Community is full of like-minded individuals that want to continue their success with Weight Within. The community group meets three times monthly via zoom and will have retreats and other outings available to those that can make it. Community involves continued practice, new tools, and group sharing. If you miss a session, no worries, they are recorded and sent out to participants after the session is complete.
  • What if I have trouble logging in or scheduling?

    • Ah technology! If you have any issues with your log-in or scheduling links and have already tried resetting your password, please contact Margie directly at We will respond within 48 hours and get you taken care of.

    What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say

    Lauren H.

    To say that Margie has made a difference in my life would be an understatement. Her kind and loving approach to healing combines a perfect mix of eastern and western techniques that I've never been shown before. My work with Margie has helped me to examine my past and gain a deeper understanding of myself. It has been truly transformational.

    Tom H.

    I am very thankful I found The Weight Within. Margie made me see the root causes of my unhealthy eating habits. For really the first time in my life, I feel empowered to take control of nourishing my body and dealing with the stresses of life in a healthy way. This isn't just about losing weight -- I now feel more confident and in charge. I am so grateful for Margie's insights and the tools she's equipped me with.

    Shari M.

    When I began working with Margie, I had little hope that I could ever overcome my battle with emotional eating.  Understanding my habits and rewiring belief systems has helped me get to the root of my problems.  Now I see myself as victorious!  After defeating the all or nothing mentality, I can celebrate the small healthy choices as well as my overall transformation.