As we go into the holiday season, it becomes tricky to find healthy recipes thatare tasty. Pumpkin recipes are a favorite this time of year, so I have attached ahealthy recipe for paleo pumpkin cookies. They are naturally sweetened soyou don’t have to feel guilty about eating them. Emotional eating becomes very tough around the [ read more…]

October Newsletter

Would you describe your eating as “all or nothing?” Are you either “on” or “off” a diet?  Do you classify food as “good” or “bad?” All emotional eaters fall prey to the all or nothing pattern of eating.  Unfortunately, the diet industry would have you believe that finding the right diet is your ticket out [ read more…]

All or Nothing

Have you suffered from a trauma in your life? How would you define trauma? Before I really understood trauma, I would’ve told you that traumas are grand-scale events that completely change the world as we know it. What I have come to learn is that trauma actually comes in many forms. It can be ongoing [ read more…]


How would you describe your boundaries with people?  Have you ever considered what your personal boundaries look like?  Boundaries play a big role in our ability to make lasting changes and find peace in our relationships with both people and food.  Let’s face it these two relationships are intertwined.  The interactions that you have with other [ read more…]


Do your coping skills involve checking out?  Do you use your phone, social media, games or TV as a means of distracting yourself from negative feelings such as overwhelm or anger?  Consider what might change in your life if you could tune into your relationship with food.  Many people use food to avoid difficult feelings [ read more…]